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Deep Tissue Massage Eden

Massage Eden at Daytona Beach is situated in a tranquil setting which allows, you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday living whether it's for a moment of pure indulgence, holistic well being beauty therapy or soothing massages, step into a heavenly atmosphere, unwind and escape, relax and leave rejuvenated

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Packages for you

You can choose from single massage treatments or create your own package to suite your individual needs. Couples and small groups are also welcome

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Mud body scrub
Cleansing ritual that uses mud, heat and steam and is arguably one of the most appealing spa treatments you can experience. We use organic essentials.


Let your stress go away
Focused on relieving specific stress and muscle tension, this powerful, customised massage, uses dynamic blends of essential oils to suit your individual needs

Wonderfully Excellent Selection services at reasonable prices

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Helps relieve Anxiety. Digestive disorders. Fibromyalgia. Headaches. Insomnia related to stress. Myofascial pain syndrome. Soft tissue strains or injuries. Sports injuries.

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Deep Tissue Massage
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Swedish Massage This is good for the whole body. We use organic and natural essentials. hendrerit mauris ut dui gravida ut viverra tincidunt.


Great for deep cleansing for a smoother silken complexion.


Quick way to relax your back, neck, arms, shoulders.

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